Amazing Benefits of Walking in 8 Shapes

People walking on something that looked like number 8 can at present be found in all parks, gyms, apartment play areas, and terraces. Out of curiosity, I tried to learn more about it and realized that it is designed for 8 Shaped Walking or Infinity Shape Walking. Walking in 8 shapes has a lot to do with the health advantages of walking rather than simply walking. I’m seeing a growing number of people incorporate this into their daily walking routine. This blog explains the amazing benefits of walking in 8 shapes.

Any health care specialist will tell you that “walking” is one of the best exercises for keeping our physical and mental health in good shape. However, many of us have an excuse to avoid walking because of our hectic daily routines. However, on weekends, we attempt to compensate by doing a lot of walking or other forms of exercise. Although it may appear to be a justification from our perspective, the body nevertheless requires regular activity to maintain proper health.

The ancient Tamil Siddar practice of “8 Shape Walking” provides an alternative way (Yogis). In foreign culture, “infinity walking” is a well-known term.

Amazing benefits of walking in 8 shapes

How do you do 8 Shape Walks?

Because you will be practicing your breathing while walking, you should complete the 8-shape in an open area such as your yard, terrace, or any other spot where you can receive pure oxygen. It’s a waste if you do it in a contaminated environment.

You can perform it in your living room if you don’t have access to such places. Make sure you get some fresh air if you want to get the most out of this walk.

Draw two parallel lines from east to west for a length of 6 feet with a 12 feet gap between them to produce the 8-shape.

8 shape walk

Draw an eight in the north-south direction between these lines. This direction is crucial because it aligns your body with the earth’s magnetic field, allowing you to rid your body of poisonous effects.


If you can’t draw an eight, place two chairs 3 feet apart and walk around them in an eight pattern.

8 shape round

On an empty stomach, do this in the morning or evening. The hours of 5 to 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. are ideal.

Start walking clockwise from south to north for 15 minutes, then anticlockwise for 15 minutes. A daily routine of 30 minutes is sufficient, but you can expand the time if you choose.

It’s best to walk barefoot (without shoes) and focus on the 8 shapes while doing so. While walking, you can practice slow breathing, OM Mantra chanting, or simply rest your mind.

8 Shaped Walking Benefits

  1. Walking for 20 minutes on an 8-shaped structure is similar to walking for an hour.
  2. When you walk in a south-to-north path, your body tends to walk against the earth’s magnetic field. This energizes the body and stimulates the chakras as well as all of the body’s organs.
  3. Figure 8 Twist and Turn gives our exterior organs a good workout.
  4. It enhances sleep and aids in the treatment of kidney disorders.sleep
  5. Every part, including the head, shoulder, neck, ankles, knees, abdomen, and hip moves when walking in an 8-shaped pattern. These bodily areas experience more movement and physical activity when compared to normal walking.
  6. When you walk barefoot, pressure is created at various points in your foot as a result of the ground contact, stimulating all internal organs. Any chronic ailment will be relieved within a few weeks (the reflex acupressure points on the foot are linked to the internal organ).
  7. It works to keep migraines at bay.
  8. The 8-shaped walk helps to relax the mind and relieve stress.
  9. It is beneficial to diabetics since it aids in the reduction of blood sugar levels.
  10. Regular walking in an 8-shaped pattern will provide significant relief from thyroid, digestion, obesity, knee discomfort, weight gain, constipation, arthritis, and other ailments. Walking in an eight-shaped pattern can help to control blood pressure.
  11. It improves eyesight while also preventing eye power from increasing.
  12. The hearing has improved in regular 8 shaped walking.
  13. 8 shaped walking reduces weight drastically.
  14. This 8-shaped walk will remove your clogged nose and let you breathe freely.
  15. It aids in the improvement of concentration.

This blog explained the amazing benefits of walking in 8 shapes. Regularly walk in the shape of an ‘8′ and you will be protected from a variety of mental and physical health issues.






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