Amazing Health Benefits of Butterfly Peas, or Sangu Poo

Amazing Health Benefits of Butterfly Peas: Butterfly pea, Asian pigeonwings, Aparajita, Bluebell vine, Blue pea, Darwin pea, Cordofan pea, Clitoria Ternatea, and Gokarna (Blue) are all names for Sangu poo (in Tamil colloquial). This blog explains the Top 11 Amazing Health Benefits of Butterfly Peas and Sangu Poo.

What are Asian pigeonwings?

The Fabaceae family’s Asian pigeonwings are robust, trailing, scrambling, or climbing vines with a strong woody rootstock. The plant is native to equatorial Asia, including the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia, but it has also spread to Africa, Australia, and North America.

Top 11 Amazing Health Benefit of Butterfly Pea, or Sangu Poo

It’s a gorgeous blue flower that blooms on a creeper. Many Indian homes have this plant since it is utilized in poojas and prayers. The butterfly pea plant in the top photo was flourishing freely on our farm and required very little attention.

This lovely creeper has several medical purposes, but its usage in memory enhancement and stress reduction is particularly popular.

This fascinating plant has been the subject of numerous scientific studies, and many of its traditional uses have been proved. The leaves, seeds, roots, and flowers, among other elements of the plant, have therapeutic benefits.

Botanical and common names for Asian Pigeonwings

Clitoria ternatea is the botanical name for the blue butterfly pea plant. The plant is a climber belonging to the Fabaceae family and the genus Clitoria. Sangu Poo in Tamil colloquial, Aparajita in Hindi and Bengali, Anchan in Thai, Blue Pea Flower in English, and Bunga Telang in Malay are all names for the butterfly pea flower. Flowers are used to tinting rice during cooking in Malaysia, Thailand, and Burma.

1. It Helps You Lose Weight Faster

Blue Butterfly Pea tea is caffeine-free, as well as carbohydrate-, fat-, and cholesterol-free. It is thus a good drink for those on a weight-loss regimen because it cleanses the intestines of any dietary waste and impurities while also controlling appetite. Blue tea is a great herbal drink for maintaining ideal body weight by suppressing untimely cravings for junk food.

2. Improves the health of the brain

The communication levels of the brain are essential for good brain health. Acetylcholine is found in butterfly peas, and eating them helps to raise Acetylcholine levels in the brain. As we get older, our levels of acetylcholine drop, causing memory loss and other issues. Butterfly pea consumption can help to reverse this process and increase cognitive capacities.

3. Fatigue is avoided

Butterfly pea tea boosts vitality and is beneficial to persons who suffer from chronic weariness. It boosts immunity and cures chronic fatigue because of its high vitamin and mineral content.

4. Reduce High Blood Pressure

Clitoria Ternatea has traditionally been used as a diuretic, which has been validated in animal research but has not been further investigated.

Butterfly pea is supposed to increase water evaporation (micturition), lowering blood pressure by reducing blood volume. There’s also a theory that this diuretic impact helps with weight loss, however, it’s just temporary.

5. Improves the health of your hair

Butterfly pea feeds hair follicles, promote hair growth, minimize hair loss, and delay hair greying. Many shampoos, conditioners, and other hair treatments use butterfly peas as a component.


6. Dedicated to the fight against cancer

Plants from the butterfly pea family have anticancer effects. Tea made from blue butterfly peas may aid in the battle against cancer. It enters cancer cells and stops them from growing.

7. Help keep blood sugar under control

Butterfly pea flower tea can aid in the regulation of sugar absorption into the bloodstream, hence lowering blood sugar levels. If eaten in conjunction with diabetes treatments, the tea can be useful to diabetic people.

8. Anti-Inflammatory Action

Anti-inflammatory effects have been discovered in butterfly pea tea. If you have any inflammation, consider drinking a cup of warm butterfly pea tea to relieve both the pain and the irritation.

9. Properties of Antioxidants

Antioxidant capabilities are one of the key advantages of drinking butterfly pea tea. Antioxidant-rich foods are essential for good health because they fight free radicals, which are the primary cause of premature aging. The study’s link can be found here.

10. Cardiovascular Health

Clitoria Ternatea suppressed triglycerides and total cholesterol (at 500mg/kg) to a similar amount as the statins atorvastatin (50mg/kg) and Gemfibrozil (50mg/kg) in a trial of induced hyperlipidemia. Improvements in triglycerides were demonstrated as a result of lipoprotein lipase activation (LPL).

Both the seeds and the root extract of Butterfly pea/Sangu Poo were shown to lower triglycerides, but only the root was able to lower total cholesterol, indicating that the herb may have some cardiovascular benefits.

11. Digestive aid

Blue butterfly pea tea contains antioxidants that can improve digestion by relaxing stomach muscles. It also has an antihelminthic effect, which means it prevents worms from growing in the intestines.

This blog explained most Top 11 Amazing Health Benefits of Butterfly Peas or Sangu Poo.


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